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Vibrance Massage Services

Your Vibrance massage will be tailored to provide complete attention to your whole body or your greatest areas of need, achieving a sense of wholeness that benefits your body, mind and spirit. Based on your needs and personal preference, various massage techniques – Swedish, trigger point, deep tissue and Thai – will be fluidly employed during your Vibrance massage. Patients often refer to Molly’s pressure as “gentle strength,” and she intuitively adjusts her pressure to each individual’s taste and feedback.

Therapeutic Massage Emphasis

Molly Caldwell is a therapeutic massage practitioner. Therapeutic massage combines the energy of touch with the knowledge of anatomy and physiology, patient assessment, effective communication, general wellness education, and promotion of healthy living. Molly emphasizes a safe therapeutic environment, using the correct application of body mechanics and the correct use of massage equipment.


Massage Services Offered


Auto / Car Accident Injury Therapy

No out of pocket costs. Vibrance bills your insurance company directly.

At Vibrance Massage Therapy, Molly helps to ensure that you, more importantly than the cars, are fully restored following an auto accident. Molly has experience advocating for her patients with numerous major insurance companies to ensure that her patients’ massage services are 100-percent covered for auto accident injuries. Your access to massage and other forms of traditional and alternative/naturopathic clinical services is guaranteed by Oregon State law when the car accident occurs in Oregon.

Don’t wait to prioritize massage as part of your auto injury treatment plan. Even car accidents involving low speeds and minor repairs often result in some early onset or delayed pains from injury. A strategic and early massage regimen designed by Vibrance Massage Therapy can help you:

  • Speed recovery from neck and back pains
  • Restore range of motion in sore limbs
  • Improve blood flow to rebuild damaged tissues/muscles
  • Restore mobility
  • Overcome the emotional stress of accident



Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is a technique designed to promote relaxation and circulation, while relieving muscle tension. Molly’s approach integrates a blend of slow massage strokes, gentle stretches, and soothing touches – all in Vibrance Massage Therapy’s peaceful and serene massage studio. Swedish massage is typically given as a full-body massage, but can be customized to your specifications to focus on specific aches, pains or areas of inflexibility.


Sports Massage

Sports Massage

Molly is a seasoned sports massage therapist and has been honored to serve as a staff massage therapist at Nike and in some of Portland’s top fitness clubs. In these prior roles, she practiced on some of the region’s and nation’s top athletes, helping to aid their recovery from sports-related injuries, sprains, soreness and fatigue. At Vibrance, Molly treats a wide range of physically active patients, from those starting fitness routines to marathoners and professional athletes. Molly’s sports massage techniques can help enhance your performance or recovery by increasing flexibility and reducing muscular and myofacial adhesions. As a passionate runner and fitness enthusiast, Molly’s personal experience with various sports and movement-related injuries further enhance her sports massage treatments.



Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue is sometimes synonymous with an unpleasant massage experience. At Vibrance Massage Therapy, Molly aims to simultaneously achieve deep pressure and deep relaxation with her deep tissue massage. Molly’s technique benefits from her gentle spirit, physical strength and intuitive touch, all of which serve to provide comfort and lasting relief. She blends a variety of palm, forearm and elbow pressure, as well as trigger point therapy, into her technique to reach deeper layers of muscle. Releasing muscle tension with deep tissue massage improves injury rehabilitation and reduces inflammation-related pain (e.g., tendonitis). Molly welcomes your open communication during your massage session to ensure that the pressure remains within your comfort zone.


Thai Massage

Thai Massage

Thai massage is a modality that is performed on a mat on the floor, with the client and LMT wearing comfortable clothing such as workout wear or yoga wear. Thai massage incorporates broad pressure compression, acupressure, and passive yoga like stretching. The benefits of Thai massage include improved circulation, flexibility, increased joint range of motion and mobility, and increased energy flow throughout the body.