"My goal as a massage therapist and health coach is to help restore the natural vitality that lies within each of my patients."–Molly Caldwell, L.M.T.

Molly Caldwell, L.M.T. - Vibrance Massage

Vibrance Massage Therapy is an independent practice operated by Molly Caldwell in Bethany Village located in northwest Portland.

Molly’s warm and personalized approach to massage is best summarized by widely published massage expert John Barnes, who said “The master therapist is real, calm, nonjudgmental, intelligent, sensitive, strong yet flexible, supportive, compassionate, empathic, and joyful.”

These same qualities are expressed in the peaceful and serene setting of Molly’s Vibrance massage studio. The ambiance intentionally varies from the busy rehabilitative clinics, fitness centers and day spas, where Molly previously practiced and honed her skills. Vibrance’s setting is designed to promote restoration and rejuvenation upon entry and throughout your massage.

Molly’s personal touch extends beyond the studio design to her massage technique. She continually augments her training with additional approaches, such as Thai massage, to expand the benefits and long-term wellness results that are achieved for her patients.

Working with you to restore well-being through therapeutic touch. Call Molly for a Free consultation at 503-575-6544.
  • I had an amazing massage with Molly last week. I walked out of her studio with my head in the clouds. I was so relaxed and felt wonderful. Not only does she create an atmosphere that is relaxing she also creates a space of safety and nurturing. Molly‚Ķthank you for a great massage. I am looking forward to many more!–-L. Ruppert, L.M.T.

  • From relaxation to therapeutic to deep tissue, Molly covers the full range of massage techniques. My wife and I have used her extensively in all three areas over the last year and highly recommend her. As a competing Masters runner, maintaining my range of motion can be challenging at times. Molly has helped me to regain a wider range of motion and we've also worked on preventative maintenance to help keep me in top shape. Working with Molly has become a regular part of our training program. She truly cares about our wellness!–-E. Davis

  • I have known you for over four years now as my massage therapist. I first met you at the Spa and your services were always exceptional. I have to tell you, however, that today's massage was the very best massage I have ever received by you or anyone else. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. It was absolutely amazing, you were completely responsive to every need my body had and it was just truly incredible.–-K Calcagno